Law in Order

Refusal of registration as a children’s home manager. What does it mean for applicants and the sector generally? Children living in homes require, deserve and expect to receive high quality care from staff with appropriate skills and experience. The Registered Manager’s leadership is critical for a well-functioning home.  There is a scarcity of registered managers… Continue reading Law in Order

NEW!!!! CHQ Registered Managers Network.

 The Registered Managers role in children’s homes is critical to children receiving high quality care, and in the home achieving good inspection outcomes. This is a professional role that is broad, demanding and rewarding. The recent Ofsted Commentary (February 2020) stated that in successful homes, Registered Managers value their personal development and access to support… Continue reading NEW!!!! CHQ Registered Managers Network.

Why Reflective Practice is Vital

Reflective Practice in Children’s Homes: Why it is vital We provide training in reflective supervision because reflective practice is vital to high quality work with children in care. The core of work in children’s homes is the relationship between staff and young people; their daily interactions, shared experiences, the giving and receiving of nurture and… Continue reading Why Reflective Practice is Vital