April 15

Love-led Practice in Children’s Care Webinar


Love-led Practice in Children’s Care Webinar


We were delighted to be invited to share our thoughts and information about the Lovin’ Care approach, during Social Work England’s celebration of Social Work Week in March.

500 tickets were snapped up, and participants heard from Margaret Davies, CHQ Associate, Matt Langley RI at Child First and Mary-Anne Hodd, lived experience trainer, about the need for love in children’s care, and many practical applications of a Lovin’ Care approach in Matt’s homes.

You can watch a recording of the session here if you didn’t manage to attend.


Video link: https://youtu.be/j8Vs82QXIVM?si=DApeQIdfigJ4AXXz


Go to our love-led practice page (tab at the top) for more information and resources to support you to work with love. Use our contact form, if you’d like to get in touch for more information or to tell us how you are getting on.

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