December 20

The Ofsted Annual Report


82% of homes rated good or outstanding

The number of homes increase by 4% (77 new homes). There are many reasons for this increase – the continuing national need for local specialised care is one of the main ones.
The 2017–18 data shows that 46% of staff had the required level 3 qualification and another 18% of staff were working towards one.105, 106
Children feel helped and supported in their education.109 Additionally, 95% (children’s homes: 92% and fostering agencies: 98%) said that they are helped and supported by their staff/carers all or most of the time.

The number of cancellations has doubled since 2015–16 and has already increased again this year. The number of suspensions has increased almost ten-fold since 2015–16.
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Free Ofsted session
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