Unfair Disqualification of Registered Managers

Unfair Disqualification of Registered Managers

CHQ were contacted by someone who sought to withdraw their application for the role of registered manager after being issued with a notice of proposal to refuse registration. Ofsted would not accept the withdrawal stating their policy required them to formally refuse registration. The consequences of this means the applicant- currently running an Ofsted regulated service rated good – will be disqualified from working in any capacity in a children’s home. In researching what appeared to be an unduly harsh response, we found that this is not uncommon. Amanda Knowles MBE, Your Life Your Story, has already launched a campaign to raise awareness of this, and the impact on those seeking to become managers, previously registered managers, and the children’s homes sector. We absolutely agree with the need to keep unfit people out of services to children but the lack of transparency or right to representation for registered managers on a decision that can result in the loss of their livelihood and potentially for homes, the loss of experienced staff, needs to be addressed. Ms Knowles is campaigning for the disqualified status to be removed from anyone who has not been barred as a result of a proper process by the appropriate authority. She states, “At present being disqualified from the children’s workforce it is a sentence for life.”

Please share to raise awareness and afford potential registered managers an opportunity to have a fair hearing.

Lovein Care

While the politicians and government officials are rearranging the sector, managers and staff are resolutely focused on making a difference to the children in their care. The ‘early plans’ of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care’s identified ‘love’ as ‘perhaps the most important foundation’ of a good childhood (IRCSC, March 2021). This has prompted many children’s homes to really consider how to create environments where love between staff and children can safely flourish.  Join us on June 10th 2021, where we will explore how to create this and how the regulatory framework can be used to support and evidence Lovein Care.

Useful Research

Newgate Research, commissioned by the Local Government Association has undertaken research into the policies, barriers and facilitators for local authorities and smaller independent providers in establishing children’s homes.

The Children’s Commissioner has produced an interesting report that explores the backgrounds of children taken away from their families as teenagers, to understand their characteristics and experiences, and investigate what more can be done to identify these children and give them the help they need before they hit crisis.

Review Round Up

It is a busy time for the children’s homes sector as the scrutiny around social care increases. In addition to the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, Parliament’s Education Committee is to carry out an inquiry into children’s homes, the new  Children’s Commissioner  Dame Rachel de Souza says improving the lives of children in care  is the ‘absolute top priority, and the Competition and Markets Authority are undertaking a market study around costs and supply in the social care sector.

Name Purpose Relevant Dates More Information
Independent Review of Children’s Social Care The Review will take a fundamental look at the needs, experiences and outcomes of the children social care supports, and what is needed to make a real difference. Deadline for Call for Evidence: 30th March 2021

Case for change to be outlined in the summer.

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Children’s Homes Inquiry To examine a number of areas including educational outcomes and destinations, the quality of support provided by children’s homes and the sufficient of children’s homes places . Deadline for Call for Evidence: 23rd April 2021 Click here
Children’s Social Care Market Study The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will examine concerns around high prices paid by local authorities and inadequate supply of appropriate placements for children in their care. Deadline for Invitation to Comment: 14th April 2021.

Statutory deadline for publication of market study report: 11th March 2022.

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