Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Responsible Individual

Where are you on the Responsible Individual road?

  • Thinking about becoming one?
  • Recently taken on the responsibility?
  • Doing the role for a long time?
  • Have lots of experience?
  • Recently opened up home/homes?
  • Brand new children’s homes organisation?
  • Owner?
  • Local Authority?
  • Charity?
  • Private organisation?

Wherever you are all the roads lead to the same place- that you take responsibility for ensuring children in your homes receive the highest possible care. You will do this by effectively supervising the management of each home individually, as well as the overall performance of all the homes in your portfolio.

The Care Standards Act 2000

  • The Children’s Homes Regulations 2015.
  • The Guide to Children’s Homes Regulations 2015 including the Quality Standards.
  • The Ofsted Social Care Common Inspection Framework.

These documents all provide excellent information that help you to fulfil your role.

Children’s Homes Quality exists to provide you with practical support when you want it and how you want it.

  • We provide training for Responsible Individuals to help you understand, and ensure you are  meeting your legal obligations .
  • A quarterly session for those that have attended the Responsible Individual training to stay updated, continue your professional development and share good practice.
  • Regulation 44 Visitors to undertake robust and supportive independent monthly visits to your homes and provide you with valuable monthly management reports.
  • A variety of training sessions that help your managers and staff evidence they provide effective child focused and regulatory compliant care. We also offer training specifically designed to meet you and your teams needs .
  • Tailored support to meet your needs- whether it is setting up your homes, evaluating homes performance, support to improve – for example after receiving a poor inspection result or as part of a proactive strategy to achieve outstanding inspection results.

Wherever you are on the journey, we are happy to partner with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for children in your care.