Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Independent Visits (Regulation 44)

Regulation 44 is a critical part of management monitoring. The reports have become increasingly significant to managers, Ofsted and placing authorities to help them form a view on a home’s ability to safeguard and promote children’s welfare. We conduct robust visits and write comprehensive reports that showcase the homes achievements and provide clear analysis and recommendations on areas for improvement.

Independent Visitors (Reg 44) are fully vetted, experienced and knowledgeable professionals. They have all been trained in conducting thorough, supportive and rigorous monthly visits. They welcome the quality assurance, guidance and appraisal they receive from Children’s Homes Quality to continuously improve the service they provide to homes. We provide visitors to homes across England. 

Quotes from Independent Visitor (Reg 44)
I really, really value the support and quality assurance – I benefit from it, and the homes benefit from it”

“Thanks for the feedback- there are so many issues there at the moment it is good to have a second opinion about what I am writing”

Quotes from Ofsted reports
"The independent visitor provides detailed reports on the well-being of young people in the home. The reports are rigorous and challenging and are a useful additional safeguard for young people.”

“Monitoring by the independent person is good. The independent visitor’s reports indicate that the visitor has a good knowledge of the needs and experiences of disabled children. The visit reports offer challenge and actions that have the potential to support improvement”

Feedback from Registered Managers 
I just thought I would let you know that we had our Interim Ofsted inspection on   Monday and we came out with the grading of ‘Improved effectiveness’ on our Outstanding overall grade. We are chuffed to pieces! Very complementary of your Reg 44s. Many thanks for your continued help and support”

"We just had Ofsted at XX and we bagged a good across the board. She is very pleased.  The feedback about the Reg 44 was extremely positive and she was very impressed with your reports and the effort in coming in at different times. I am delighted (also relieved) that we are back on good. Thanks for the effort you have put in as our  Independent Visitor (Reg 44 person). It hasn’t gone unnoticed.”