Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Supporting Children’s Homes To Provide Outstanding Care 

Children's Homes Quality is part of a movement to bring love led practice into Children's home

Together we can unlock the potential of children’s homes to be incredible places for children to live and thrive, and be a true foundation for successful and happy adult lives.


We know that to thrive, children need to feel secure in loving relationships. Yet as professionals in the care system, we also feel that we aren’t supposed to love the children we work with or for, tell them we love them, or encourage them to get close to and love us. This must change if we want to improve children’s outcomes, and if we want many more of them to go on to live safe, happy, successful, and settled lives

Children’s Homes Quality is part of a movement to bring love led practice into the children’s residential sector. We are determined to support you to create the conditions where love can safely flourish between children and children’s homes staff. CHQ’s evidence based Lovin’ Care approach has supported homes to radically change the way they work, releasing their staff and children’s potential to connect deeply and bloom. Early evaluations have shown how this approach has: improved staff morale and retention, decreased incidents which challenge staff, helped children to co-regulate, and has improved children’s progress. 

In May 23, we hosted the Make Care Incredible, Lovin’ Care Gathering, in Manchester.

Wow! What a day. 140 passionate individuals and teams came together to be inspired, share ideas and make connections. The excitement in the room was tangible as people explored how to bring an idea of love led practice into reality, and really make care in children’s homes incredible.


Resources: to support you to develop your love led practice

Presentationsfrom our Make Care Incredible Event in Manchester in May 2023

Training – Details of CHQ’s Lovin’ Care training and organisational pathway

Reach out – resources to help you communicate with children, parents, commissioners and decision makers about love led practice (to include sample children’s guides, SOPs, and something we write for decision makers and commissioners)

Get involved – a doorway into becoming involved with research and development around love led practice.

How would you like to get involved?

What do you think most needs to happen next to promote love led practice in children’s social care?

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